Liz Sparks Pottery

Liz Sparks PotteryThe power that pottery has to enhance and influence its environment is the foundation that drives me to make it. The pots I make are designed to enhance and activate the energy of interior spaces by communicating specific ideas. Elements, animals, plant life, cycles and patterns are all at the forefront of my imagination.

I use traditional slipware techniques to make decorations and patterns from colored clay slips. As I decorate, geometric structures, plant life, and celestial forms linger in my imagination. Slipware feathering techniques require my constant presence of mind and a steady hand, as I create designs in wet slip with a limited amount of time before the slip dries. My favorite decorations are the ones I do without much planning or analysis. It is as if my hand moves while my mind watches. I don’t know what they are. Only later, when I look at them, I begin to attach meaning to the abstractions. I think of neural pathways in the brain, webs, veins in a leaf, or invisible intersecting cell phone lines, and I wonder about cycles and lines that connect all of us to the earth and to each other.

I am interested in the versatility of clay as a material for domestic uses, containers, interior design, and architecture.

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